Professor Michael Mainelli

Z/Yen Group Limited

Professor Michael Mainelli MStJ PhD MPhil BA FCCA FCSI(Hon) FBCS FRSA CITP FIC CMC MEI is a qualified accountant, securities professional, computer specialist, and management consultant, educated at Harvard University and Trinity College Dublin. He gained his PhD at the London School of Economics where he was also Visiting Professor of Innovation & IT. Originally a research scientist in aerospace (rocket science) and computing (architecture & cartography), after directing mapping projects in Switzerland he became a senior partner with accountants BDO Binder Hamlyn directing global consulting, and Corporate Development Director for Europe’s largest R&D firm, then the Ministry of Defence’s 14,000 strong Defence Evaluation & Research Agency. During a mergers & acquisitions spell in merchant banking with Deutsche Morgan Grenfell, he founded Z/Yen in 1994, the City of London’s leading think-tank, promoting societal advance through better finance and technology, renowned for its Global Financial, Green Finance, and Smart Centres indices.

Michael’s career summary is a decade of technology research, a decade in finance, then three decades at Z/Yen combining research and finance for social purposes.

He became Lord Mayor Elect of the City of London on 29 September 2023.

Professor Michael Mainelli will be speaking at:

London and Washington

2023/11/06 09:00 - 09:15

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