Delegate testimonials

What previous delegates said…

The SEC Regulation Outside the U.S. event has for 25 years provided an expert speaking faculty and high level content to delegates. Here what some of our previous delegates have said and book now to join a whole host of satisfied customers.

“It’s very rare for the SEC to send this many people to any conference outside the U.S.” In-house counsel, International Asset manager

“Nothing like it – more than value for money.  I will attend again next year!” 

“Quality of speakers was excellent as were the course materials.  I would have no hesitation recommending this course to others.

“The speaker was excellent and the day well organised.  The materials handed out were very useful. Good value, good venue, detailed coverage, the information and explanations about private placements, Reg S and 144A helped me.”

“Well organised with high calibre speakers.“

“Really high quality speakers.“

“Attended in previous years and would attend again.“

“Very comprehensive coverage and very skillful presenters.“

“I will strongly recommend it to a colleague.“

“Topics were thoroughly covered and the price is fair.“

“The presentation and delivery was very good.“

“I would definitely recommend it.“

“Very highly commended. Tempo didn’t let up. Punctual changeovers.  Will come again.”

“It put together all the information I have known – but couldn’t organize.“

“I learned so much from just two days” Director, Corporate finance, Investment bank

“The combination of the workshop and the conference really helped me understand how the SECs rules work outside the US”.  Company Secretary, UK plc with ADR listing

“This conference is a great opportunity to hear representatives from the major divisions of the SEC in one place”   Capital markets lawyer – international investment bank