• SEC Regulation Outside the United States conference (5 November 2019)
  • SEC Examinations, Workshop (6 November 2019)
  • SEC Basics, Workshop (4 November 2019)

Welcome to SEC Regulation Outside the United States

Gain a thorough understanding of SEC Regulation Outside the U.S. on 4-6 November 2019

SEC Regulation Outside the U.S. is now in its 22nd year and is the only event of its kind to offer delegates a thorough understanding of the complexities and nuances of the legislative processes and how SEC practices can affect your business. 

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SEC Regulation Outside the United States, Conference (5 November 2019) briefs European financial services practitioners on how the SEC administers and enforces the U.S. securities laws – and what it means to you. SEC officials and other regulatory experts guide you through the nuances of current and pending U.S. regulation and legislation.

SEC Basics, Workshop (4 November 2019) is an intensive, interactive workshop suitable ideal for those with little or no knowledge of the U.S. securities laws, the SEC or the SEC’s rules and regulations.

SEC Examinations (6 November 2019examines the responsibilities of Chief Compliance Officers and explores what is involved in a compliance programme, an annual review and an SEC inspection of a non-US manager that is registered with the SEC.

“Nothing like it – more than value for money.  I will attend again next year!”

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